Keychron M1 Ultra-Light Optical Mouse (Wired)

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Keychron M1 Ultra-Light Optical Mouse has included a detachable type-C to type-C cable and a type-A to type-C adapter.

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Note: the driver requires macOS 11 or later, Win 10 or later.

Keychron M1 Ultra-Light Optical Mouse

All the essential hardware features in an ultra-lightweight mouse that is ideal for any use case whether it’s work, gaming, or anything else.

One of The Strongest Mouse Sensor

Equipped with the strongest, most competitive grade mouse sensor chip PMW3389, with up to 16,000 DPI, IPS of up to 400, and incomparable gripping precision. Whether it is for work or gaming, the M1 offers an unparallel experience.

Ultra-Lightweight at Only 68g

Super light, and weighing at only 68g, it offers just the right amount of lightness, flexibility, and effortlessness to hold in your hand for extended use. 

Programmable Custom Keys

You can alter the key commands according to your needs as well as add macros to the mouse to add custom functions based on your personal needs. 

Custom RGB Light Bar.

The built-in 5 RGB light effects let you match any mood with just 1 click; convenience at its best. 

Mac & Windows Support.

It supports Mac and Windows system drivers, so no matter what system you are in, you will get full support. 

External RGB & DPI Adjustment Button

You can change the RGB light effects and DPI with just a click, no driver or software is needed to adjust the mouse. Quickly adjust the mouse settings without the need for any software. 

Lightweight & Flexible Detachable Cable

Its super lightweight braided cable enables long-term use, but also offers enough stability to not affect mouse movements.

Mouse with Type-C Port

The M1's cable is designed to be exchangeable, meaning you can modify the mouse cable yourself with any lengths or materials.

Black Version

White Version


SensorPixArt PMW 3389
DPI Range100 - 16000
Polling Rate1000 Hz
Click SwitchOptical Click Switch
Click Switch Lifespan70 Million Clicks
Lift Off DistanceAdjustable
CableDetachable Type-C to Type-C Cable + Type-A to Type-C adapter
ConnectivityWired (type-C cable)
System SupportmacOS & Windows
Angle SnappingOn/Off
Driver OS SupportWindows 11, Windows 10, Windows 7/ macOS 11 or later
User Guide

Download the driver or firmware, quick start guide, user manual, and more

Customer Reviews

Based on 51 reviews
Ok mouse

I got this mouse from Keychron website. I like the design, very lightweight with lights and DPI button. With the price comparing to the market Keychron positioned it self superior than other brand for this case. Good design and good grip.

Great rodent with a flimsy tail

I liked this mouse since the first moment I‘ve seen it on Keychron‘s website. It fits my old man‘s hand, is not too lightweight, feels solid, has responsive buttons and wheel and tracks its movement precise. Works flawless with a MacMini M1 and needs no separate software. Keys, sensitivity and RGB can be set with physical buttons! The only thing I don‘t like is the cable - it feels like a shoelace! Connectors are fine and fit good, but the cable feels thin and easy to snap or wear too fast. Guess time and usage will tell how good it is. To sum it up - very good piece if kit for its price!


you cannot add more than 99 repetitions to a macro or loop at all, add this feature, since this is very important for any MMORPG player

Sebastian Farský
Very nice

For over a year i use k2 keyboard with my imac , no issues whatsoever . When i saw this mouse i said why not , it is pretty cheap and the keyboard experience made me try it. Not dissapointed at all , nice light mouse with many options of rgb and dpi settings , customisable buttons make a good use of it. I would appreciate mac app for the keyboard as well :)


Here is what I think about it

What I like:
- light
- looks cool
- can change colours and sensibility easily from the back - no need to install any software

What I don't like:
- no bluetooth / wireless : I'm an idiot and did not read the description properly and assumed from the pictures that this mouse could be used via bluetooth. It cannot
The charging wire can be disconnected but you wont be able to use the mouse if not plugged in.
- the mouse does not "slide" as well as my other mouse (logitech mx518) on my mousepad. (or i am not used to it )
- the mouse have a lower profile (height) than my other mouse so it feel more difficult for me to "grasp" it properly (once again I am probably not used to it)
- 4 buttons (2 on each sides) which is great for both righty and lefty but really you will be only able to use one side easily (so 2 buttons are totally pointless :) )
- I had to pay 20 CAD for shipping but luckily did not have to pay extra taxes at the border.

Giving 4 stars for now - I am not a gamer so i primarily use this for "office" work. and it is going to take me a little bit of time to get used to it.