Keychron Lava Optical Switch Set

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R$ 5,00

Quantity of one set

Each Keychron Lava Optical Switch Set comes with 87 pcs of switches.

It's fully compatible with our K12 optical version wireless mechanical keyboard. Please drop your email on "Notify Me When Available" if the product model is out of stock.

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Typing Experience

Keychron Lava Optical Switch line-up Red Blue Brown Banana Mint

The Keychron Lava Optical switch is engineered to
build an ultimate mechanical keyboard.

With a redesigned structure, our in-house Keychron Lava Optical switch comes with enhanced reliability, typing comfort and lets gamers play at warp speed of only 0.2ms with a lifespan of 100 million keystroke.

Keychron Lava Optical Switch line-up Red Blue Brown Banana Mint

We’re proud to add two more amazing switches to our family. Unlike other tactile switches providing a bump midway of the downstroke, the new Keychron Lava Optical Banana and Mint switches provide an extraordinary typing experience with smooth tactile bumps, like those commonly sought after by Panda switches on the market.

*Keychron Lava Optical switch is compatible with our Keychron Optical switch only, NOT compatible with any MX style mechanical switch

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Compatible Keyboard

K12 keyboard (Optical Version) only.

Note: The Keychron Lava optical switches cannot be compatible to K6 and K8 keyboard.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Cameron Korb
Great Banana Switches, But Poor Communication

Only knocking the review down one as the switches themselves were pretty good! And the price for 87 of them was nice. Nice tactility and smoothness. Now Keychron states these only work in a K12 (just scroll up). However, I can say with 100% certainty (as I’m typing with them for this) they can be installed into the K4. SPECIFICALLY the Version 1 with Optical switches (Bottom of board would note as “J2”). I bought these as a test as I wanted replacement switches for my K4 but Keychron said LK made those, and they stopped production. Communication with them noted that these switches WILL NOT fit my board. Well, they’ve been installed with ease, and work perfectly fine. No miss-strokes/types and no issues have popped up since switching them. The page should be updated for those with older boards like the K4 V1 optical, but I doubt it. Thanks, though! These work for me =]

Brett Keech
Love the mints.

Wanted a new keyboard for work with tactile switches but hate browns and prefer heavier springs. I wanted to try a 60 percent layout and figured I would jump on the k12 with Mints since it was on sale. I have loved every second of using them. They feel very similar to Zealios which I also love but have not been able to find for a good price. If you like Zealios but they are too expensive or you cannot find them, these are a great alternative. If they weren't optical I would buy them for future builds. 10/10

Philip Doherty
Wrong Type

Bought these from the website thinking they would work with my new K2. Turns out the keyboard I bought from Amazon didn't have hot swappable switches and when I bought another keyboard that was hot swappable these switches weren't the right type. Expensive mistakes, wish it was a bit clearer on the site what switches work with each keyboard.

Steve Linthicum
Love the K12 keyboard

I ordered mine with the hotswap blue optical keychron switches and a set of banana switches. Love the blues but coworkers are starting to complain about the noise (they also have mechanical keyboards but tactile or linear switches), I'll be changing the blues out for the banana this weekend to see if I like them as much.