Keychron Mechanical Red Blue Brown Switch Set family
Keychron Mechanical Red Switch Set 35 pieces
Keychron Mechanical Blue Switch Set 35 pieces
Keychron Mechanical Brown Switch Set 35 pieces

Interruptor Mecânico Keychron

Preço normal R$ 65,00

Quantity of one set
Cada conjunto de interruptores mecânicos Keychron vem com 35 peças de interruptores e um suporte.

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Customer Reviews

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James Drabb JR
Almost perfect

I love my K10 full-size. I've am planning to buy a 75% sized Keychron. My only complaint is that the Keychron K10 acts as an Apple keyboard under Linux and loses Function key abilities. An options can get keys F1-F12 working, however then the FN special key doesn't work. I wish it would just work like a regular Windows keyboard HID device. As for build quality, this is a great keyboard.

Clarify what board you have.

I wasn't entirely sure between the sets, there's not a lot of information as to why. The other sets never seem to be available so I was excited to see that these were available in Brown, once I got them I finally realized that these are for the K12 and K10 models and not the other models. I thought there was no difference either set is mechanical. But when I finally got it on my board I realized there is a size difference. Not entirely explained so I'm not very happy about that.

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Keychron Mechanical Red Blue Brown Switch Set

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O interruptor mecânico Keychron vem com uma sensação de digitação firme e suave semelhante à dos interruptores mecânicos Gateron.

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K12 Versão sem retroiluminação e Gateron