The Key Combinations Table Of Keychron Q1

For Keychron Q1, we've included all the normal and useful functions keys that can be accessed via the default key combinations. Here is the table for all the key combinations and functions it can access.

Keychron Q1 QMK VIA custom mechanical keyboard 75 percent layout full aluminum frame for Mac Windows RGB backlight with hot swappable Gateron G Phantom switch

fn + Keys

fn + F1Screen Brightness Down (Windows mode)
fn + F2Screen Brightness Up (Windows mode)
fn + F3Task View (Windows mode)
fn + F4File Explorer (Windows mode)
fn + F5Keyboard Backlight Down (Windows mode)
fn + F6Keyboard Backlight Up (Windows mode)
fn + F7Rewind (Windows mode)
fn + F8Play / Pause (Windows mode)
fn + F9Fast Forward (Windows mode)
fn + F10Sound: Volume Mute (Windows mode)
fn + F11Sound: Volume Down (Windows mode)
fn + F12Sound: Volume Up (Windows mode)
fn + tabTurn On / Off the Backlight 
fn + QRGB Mode Next
fn + ARGB Mode Previous
fn + WKeyboard Backlight Up
fn + SKeyboard Backlight Down
fn + EHue Increase
fn + DHue Decrease
fn + RSaturation Increase
fn + FSaturation Decrease
fn + TRGB Speed Increase
fn + GRGB Speed Decrease
fn + F1F1 (Mac mode)
fn + F2 F2 (Mac mode)
fn + F3F3 (Mac mode)
fn + F4F4 (Mac mode)
fn + F5F5 (Mac mode)
fn + F6F6 (Mac mode)
fn + F7F7 (Mac mode)
fn + F8F8 (Mac mode)
fn + F9F9 (Mac mode)
fn + F10F10 (Mac mode)
fn + F11F11 (Mac mode)
fn + F12F12 (Mac mode)
fn + J + Z (long press for 3s)Reset the Keyboard

*Above are the default key combinations of Keychron Q1. You can customise your own key combinations on each layer and access to more functions through VIA software. Please click here and read "How to Use Different Layers to Set the Combination Keys" for details.