Conjunto de interruptores de baixo perfil Gateron

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R$ 39,00

Quantidade para um conjunto

Cada conjunto de interruptores vem com 12 interruptores e o suporte.
Keychron Gateron Low Profile Mechancial switch

The Gateron Low Profile Mechanical switches are one of the best mechanical switches renowned with its smooth and tactile typing experience.

Keychron Gateron low profile mechanical switch red blue brown

Compatible Keyboard

Alter switch on K1 require soldering capability.

Customer Reviews

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K1 v4 with brown switch RGB Alu-frame 1 month later

I love this keyboard, It's slim and sturdy. The typing's feeling is good. Used it almost every days within 1 month. Still has no any problem, lucky!
I also bought the switch tester and I found that the low profile blue switch has a strange click sound and feeling compare with the normal profile that has clear click sound and better feeling. For the brown switch, the both profile I feel almost same.
Finally, I selected the low profile with brown switch because I got familiar with the laptop keyboard and I found that I cannot use the normal one again(hard to type for me). In fact, I like a click sound but I don't want to disturb the other then brown would be better for me.
(Use it for work and gaming)

P.S. Delivery is fast and my package did get any damage.